The Manuals Source Script, or simply Source Script, is the format used to render DotNet Manuals pages. It basically consists of a text file (that doesn't require a particular extension, even if .dnman.txt and .dnm are the conventionally used ones) which contains instructions and the elements that are supposed to be rendered.

The script file is scanned line by line. Each one of them can be:
  • A directive, when it starts with an hash (#) char, which defines properties of the manual page or defines how the following elements should be parsed.
  • A comment, when it starts with a semicolon (;) char, that is simply ignored by the parser.
  • An element, which is parsed as text or something else, depending on how the parser configuration has been changed by previous directives.
Elements can contain dynamic expressions as well, such as variables resolved by the parser, represented in the @@expression; or @@expression(param1,...,); formats.

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