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Note: The project is still in initial development stage, so its usage is absolutely not recommended in production, nor as permanent solution to your problems, until it reaches at least the alpha stage.

In order to use DotNet Manuals, you should build its source, or download the last built release. Once done, there are two ways to proceed:
  • The easier one, which consists in adding the dotnetmanuals.dll library as a reference in your project (that is the recommended strategy, as well).
  • The harder one, which consists in including parts of the library code in your project. You'll need to manually update any of 'em once new versions of DotNet Manuals are released, and to keep in mind that at the moment only C# projects are supported.

Manual source-files are written in a particular format, that we formerly call Source Script. You can find a complete reference guide at the supplied link.

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